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Longpeng CUI

Dr. longpeng Cui, Professor in RIPP(Research Institute of Petroleum Processing). He received his BSc in geological engineering and MSc in mineralogy from Anhui University of science and technology, professional certificate of environmental engineering from Tsinghua University, and PhD in environmental chemistry from University of Aberdeen, UK. He presided over the construction of SINOPEC Coal Conversion Technology R&D Platform and Industrial Solid Waste Integrated Pollution Control and synergy Utilization Technology Innovation Platform of the 27th Research Department of RIPP.
He has undertaken the European industrial integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC), American industrial solid waste or by-product synergy (BPS) and Canada mine ecological environment risk assessment (ERA) and remediation projects, as well as national key science and technology projects, provincial and ministerial science and technology research programs, natural science funds and other R & D projects in China. He also carried out domestic and foreign technical consultation and service projects on ecological environment risk assessment, heavy metal and solid (hazardous) waste risk management and control, and comprehensive management and restoration of mine ecological environment.
He presided over a research project of a national industry standard (HG/T4820-2015), and published more than 60 professional research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and authorized more than 20 Chinese invention patents.