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Environmental Pollution of Waste Plastics and Micro-/Nano-plastics





The wide use of plastic products not only brings great convenience to production and life, but also produces a large amount of plastic wastes. After entering the environment, the plastic wastes will gradually degrade into micro-/nano-plastics, together with the release of chemical additives in the plastic products. Besides that, other environmental pollutants are easily adsorbed by the micro- and nano-plastics due to characteristics of small particles, large specific surface area and strong hydrophobicity of the plastic debris. Therefore, as the major threats to the inland and marine environment, plastic wastes and micro-/nano-plastics are continuing to attract extensive attention and become one of the most urgent global challenges. In this context, this session pays attention to the whole process of plastic environmental pollution, from the environmental occurrence of micro- and nano-plastics, the transformation of plastic wastes to micro-/nano-plastics, to advanced technologies for remediation of plastic pollution

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