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Emerging Contaminants Caused by Environmental Aging of Plastics





The aging process of plastics in the environment is gradually becoming a globally significant issue of concern. The long-term accumulation and degradation of plastics in the natural environment not only produce tiny fragments of plastic, known as micro/nanoplastics, but may also release a large amount of harmful chemical substances, such as plasticizers, flame retardants, and plastic monomers. These substances enter the soil and water bodies, ultimately affecting the health of the ecosystem. Additionally, the aging of plastics may lead to the formation of new, unknown toxic substances, posing potential impacts on the ecosystem and human health. Therefore, this session focuses on the new pollution problems caused by plastic environmental aging, delving into hot topics such as the mechanism of plastic environmental aging, the release process of harmful substances, and the ecological risks of plastic environmental aging.

Branch Session convenor profile

  • Yuanyuan TANG Associate Professor

    Southern University of Science and Technology

    Dr. Tang research interests focus on pollution control, beneficial utilization and environmental fate of solid wastes. She has also obtained funding for 17 research projects, including NSFC, The National Key Research and Development Program of China, etc. Dr. Tang has published over 70 SCI journal articles, including high-impact environmental journals, such as Environ. Sci. & Tech., Water Res., etc. She has published 3 book chapters in the field of solid waste management and metal stabilization. Dr. Tang organized “Guangdong-HK Environmental Materials Workshop in 2015”, and has been invited as keynote speaker and session chair by several international conference committees. She also got numerous awards including “Overseas High-Caliber Personnel, Shenzhen” and “The HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers” as well as “Young Professor of the Year”, “Excellent Research Award”, “Excellent Teaching Award”, and “Excellent Mentor Award” of SUSTech.
  • Wenchao MA Professor

    Hainan University

  • Lili LIU

    East China University Of Science and Technology

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