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Requirements for paper publication

Submission requirements:

articles or abstracts not published in publicly available journals or exchanged at national academic conferences. Please attach the English title, keywords and abstracts, the author 's name, title/position, unit, address, mailbox. The file name format is 'ICWMT18-submission date-author name-paper/abstract title'.

Papers and abstracts included:

The hired papers and abstracts will be included in the proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Technology, and the proceedings will be included in the China Academic Conference paper database.

Excellent papers:

Excellent papers are recommended to the journal Circular Economy, Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering. In order to encourage scholars, the conference will select the 'Excellent Paper Award' and issue a certificate.
First prize: 1, bonus 3000 yuan; second prize: 3, bonus 2000 yuan ; third prize : 10, bonus 1000 yuan.

Students' Forum:

The conference will give priority to recommend student authors who submit full-text papers to make oral reports on the students' forum. The review experts will select the excellent paper reporters based on the report display and obtain the certificate jointly issued by the forum organizer.

Thesis format:

English/Chinese,refer to templates(Click on the download

Submission e-mail:
The deadline of the summary is April 30,2023. The deadline of the paper is April 30,2023.

Contact person:Chao Wei (Mr.) Tel: 86-10-82686410