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Prevention and control of health risks of emerging contaminants and influencing mechanism





The emerging pollutants exhibit characteristics of biotoxicity, environmental persistence, bioaccumulation, etc. Their sources are widespread, their impact severe, their environmental risk, and their remediation challenging. At present, the focus both domestically and internationally mainly lies on persistent organic pollutants, endocrine disruptors, antibiotics, and similar substances regulated by international conventions international conventions. China's efforts in controlling these pollutants had a late start, with a fragile foundation. The upcoming sub-forum on the Prevention, Controlling and Impact Mechanism of Health Risks of Emerging Pollutants aims to convene experts in the field for collaborative discussions, fostering scientific research cooperation and exchanges, promoting the assessment and prevention of environmental and health risks of emerging pollutants, to promote the development of standardized environmental risk management policies for toxic and harmful chemical substances.

Branch Session convenor profile

  • Lihua REN Associate Professor

    Fudan University

    Lihua Ren is an associate researcher and doctoral supervisor at Peking University Health Science Center. Additionally, she holds the position of vice president at International Ecological Economy Association and servers as a standing member of Environmental and Reproductive Health Branch of China Eugenics Association. She is also a member of Alternative Methods and Transformation Professional Committee of China Environmental Mutagen Association and acts as a National Graduate Education Evaluation and Monitoring expert. Her research primarily focuses on environmental and reproductive health, and the health risks from exposure to new pollutants in early life. She has led seven projects including the National Natural Science Foundation, and contributed to four international and domestic cooperation projects. She has authored more than 50 articles in both Chinese and English in authoritative academic journals domestically and internationally and obtained two invention patents. And she serves as an expert reviewer for several authoritative journals in both Chinese and English.
  • Yunhui ZHANG Professor

    Peking University

    Yunhui Zhang is a professor and doctoral supervisor. She serves as the director of Department of Environmental Health in School of Public Health at Fudan University and oversees the Shanghai Environment and Health Youth Science Innovation Station. Her research focuses on children's environmental health. She leads the Shanghai mother-child pairs cohort as the Principal Investigator, and is involved in various research projects, including the National Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation. She has authored more than 130 academic papers, edited four monographs, and received the second prize of Science and Technology of Higher Education institutions from the Ministry of Education, the third prize of Science and Technology from the Chinese Preventive Medical Association, and the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress.

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