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Synergy workshop on EV battery recycling





In 2021, China's annual sales of new energy vehicles (also called as EVs) exceeded 3.5 million. The EV market has shifted from policy driven to market driven. As a key component of EVs, traction batteries have attracted more and more social attention. In recent years, China has gradually attached importance to the recycling of EV batteries, and established a policy framework system for the EV battery recycling on the basic principle of "Extended Producer Responsibility" system. Various types of EV battery recycling modes have emerged in China. Echelon use products and recycling technology have abundant application scenarios. However, there are still some problems in the EV battery recycling industry, such as imperfect recycling system, poor economy and poor universality of technology application. Therefore, it is necessary to further strengthen the upstream and downstream cooperation among industries. In order to strengthen inter industry exchanges, promote upstream and downstream information exchange and improve recycling efficiency, a special workshop is intended to be held for the synergy of EV battery recycling. Representatives of parties and stakeholders related to EV recycling are sincerely invited to attend the workshop and express their insights.

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